Business Growth

Soar Business Support Centre Ltd

We see our role as helping you create the lifestyle you desire. Owning your own business is just one part of that equation. Self-growth, family, and recreational interests are others. Owning your own business should not be about ‘buying a job’, it should be about having the vision and tools to create the lifestyle you and your family desire.

At Soar, we believe in being pro-active rather than re-active. This means continually looking forward and planning ahead. For example, monitoring business performance on a regular basis. Not only financially, so that there are no surprises at tax time, but tracking the Key Performance Indicators that are specific to your business. (ie turnaround times on job completion, back costing versus what a completed job actually cost – did we make any money on that job, and if not why not?)

It is also important to discuss the day-to-day issues you face in your business. We can help you problem solve and ‘think outside the square’ to come up with different ways of dealing with those issues and putting systems and procedures in place to help manage the issues better in the future.