Business Support

Soar Business Support Centre Ltd

The majority of New Zealand's small to medium sized businesses are family owned, and operate in an industry the business owners are familiar with. They are usually short-staffed which forces the staff they have to cover areas outside their fields of expertise, or the owners to work even more hours to “attend to paper work” after their normal workday is finished. While we know that this is just reality sometimes, we’ve created the Business Support Division to help people in exactly this situation.

Our Business Support team can help you in all kinds of areas, from Invoicing and Payroll preparation, HR Management and contracts, to GST preparation, monthly Financial Reporting, Cash-flow management, Budgeting and Projections, and Finance Applications. They can even create and implement Business Systems for you and advise and train you on the right software applications for your business.

So if you would like to be able to concentrate on your areas of strength and what you do best in your business, and be confident that the day-to-day financial, HR and systems aspects of the business are in the hands of professionals, give us a call today.