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Audit Shield

Audit Shield Master Policy provides for the payment of professional fees incurred as a result of you being selected for a tax audit.

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Cell Phone & Computer Security

Providing antivirus software and low cost protection against Ransomware, now the biggest threat to your computer security.

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Set Free with EFT

Karen Degen is a Happiness, Health & Success Coach, Professional Speaker and Author. She frees people from the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are holding them back in life. Karen uses a number of tools to do this, with one of the most effective ones being EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which is a form of Energy Psychology. That is why her business is called Set Free with EFT.

Advice First

AdviceFirst is a successful firm of experienced Financial Advisers who help thousands of New Zealanders stay on track with quality advice and help on all types of personal insurance benefits. We’re the country’s largest financial advice business of our type, with offices nationwide.


Established in 1987, Spicers is one of New Zealand's most respected financial planning and investment companies. We offer the straight forward retirement planning and financial advice NZ investors need to achieve financial freedom. Currently we have more than $1.3 billion of funds under advice, indicating the high regard in which we are held.

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Amazing Marketing Ltd.

Providing specialist services in all areas of digital marketing as well as website design and development.

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SmartPayroll is New Zealand’s leading, easy to use online payroll / wages system for small-to-medium sized businesses. Its highly secure payroll processing saves you time, money and hassle by automating your payroll tasks.