I would say that "Switched to Soar Limited" is the best business decision I've ever made. If someone looking for an accountant, I would definitely recommend Soar Limited.

Cheers :)


Phil's is a great accountant and has saved me money on tax that outweighs any fee I have paid to him. He also makes me think ahead as to what systems my company might need as it grows, which is valuable advice. Phil is always free to answer questions on accounting, tax and business issues and has a wide knowledge in this area. He is completely trustworthy and I would recommend his services to anyone wishing to improve their business and save money on tax. I feel completely secure that my business finances are in his hands.

Karen Degen

Philip recognises the importance of ensuring staff are well set up at their desks and know how to use their computer equipment correctly to avoid getting injuries. This proactive approach is a really effective way of supporting staff in what is a computer intensive job.

Jane Cowan-Harris

Phillip is a thorough professional, providing practical, timely and effective accounting solutions and I have no hesitation in recommending him and the team at Soar to my clients.

Brent Selwyn

Having worked with Phillip on several projects, I am pleased to be able to be able to recommend Phillip as a highly motivated and enthusiastic person. Phillip is able to keep level headed in times of extreme pressure and has the ability to see past a situation to the final, positive outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending Phillip and the work he achieves.

Julie Coster

Phillip is honest, hard working and always seeking new and better ways of doing business. He is committed to achieving excellent results for his clients, and is very pleasant to deal with.

Fiona Dunkley

Phillip - I can say, without a doubt, that you have been the most rewarding thing that has come out of this long-winded investment process.

This is with a tear in the corner of my eye that I read your email, knowing it will be nearing the end of our communications.

I sincerely am grateful for your professionalism, the consideration of our thin financial circumstances most years, the reassurance of a brighter outlook that each tax return year would bring us. It was quite a roller-coaster ride for us both, with the family news throughout the years and you still managing to work late through the nights when I would email at ungodly hours for Australia, let alone the delay in time for you to be responding from New Zealand.

Thank you - Thank you - THANK YOU!!!

Wendy Tomic