Wealth Management

At Soar we recognise and appreciate that all our clients are different and require different wealth management services and investment advice at various times in their life.

Our strategic Wealth Management advisors are Spicers who are located in Christchurch.

The environment for professionals to provide investment advice to the public is about to change in December 2010. Our strategic partner Spicers is able to offer Soar clients Wealth Management advice and support so that Soar clients can achieve their financial goals sooner.

Spicers Approach

No matter what stage of life or what level of financial security you’ve attained, it’s likely that you want to continue to grow and protect your assets. Different levels of financial security extend through every phrase of life, each with their own levels of risk and reward.

Spicers Unique Process

Our business philosophy is simple – to provide our clients with the best possible financial planning advice, service and innovative solutions, through a comprehensive approach to the management of their financial requirements.

Spicers appreciates that all our clients are different however two groups have unique needs;

  • Individual and family clients
  • Business and corporate clients.

Consequently, Spicers has created two unique processes. These include analysis, reporting and monitoring requirements that reflect the different needs of each group.

By reviewing your personal and business risks Spicers can develop a plan to save you money and minimise your exposure.

A free no obligation review

By completing a risk management review Spicers are able to identify areas where you may be exposed and save you money on your premiums at the same time. There is no obligation to proceed after the initial review. Spicers only makes recommendations that you will significantly benefit from.

Once the review is complete they will:

  • Discuss the findings with you
  • Present a summary report of findings
  • Agree on the most suitable action if you wish to proceed
  • Implement a plan of action
  • Review your situation on a regular basis.

The Risk Management approach

We have a partnership arrangement with Spicers who are experts in business and personal risk management. Spicers has qualified financial advisers with a combined experience of nearly 50 years.

Spicers provides advice and communicate openly and simply about policies and pricing.

They use their bulk purchasing power and strategic partnerships like ours to achieve highly competitive pricing, better underwriting terms and preferential policy wording.

Spicers fee structures to our clients are for a limited advice plan and a full financial plan

If you require further information please call us for further information about the Wealth Management products and services provided by our strategic partner.